MAKINGOODESIGN is about community. It's about taking advantage of NYCxDESIGN to bring focus to a sector of design that is less visible than its commercial counterparts: design for social good. Without the organizations listed here (and the many, many more we have yet to partner with), MAKINGOODESIGN could not exist!

2016 Collaborators 


Profits from this year's MAKINGOODESIGN Awards Party will be donated to the Design Trust For Public Space.

Design Trust For Public Space is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the future of public space in New York City. Our projects bring together city agencies, community groups and private sector experts to make a lasting impact–through design–on how New Yorkers live, work and play. Today we are a nationally-recognized incubator that transforms and evolves the city's landscape with city agencies and community collaborators. Our work can be seen, felt and experienced throughout all five boroughs–from parks and plazas to streets and public buildings.


Allsteel has generously partnered with us to be this year's showroom sponsor.

At Allsteel believes great office design transcends any particular type of style. We believe, that our office furniture products should address and solve workplace problems. So our furniture is made to improve productivity, make offices more efficient, increase comfort, and make day-to-day tasks that much easier. Because we have integrated Rapid Continuous Improvement, environmental awareness, recycling, and conscientious materials selection, Allsteel products contribute not just to this lifetime, but the next as well. At Allsteel, good design is functionality made beautiful.

2016 Illustrators


2016 Sponsors + Donors

Event Photography by John Kingman